We are a group of professional people around the World who trust the passionate efforts to improve our Societies.

EPOCA.US – “Hard place require hard solution”

* Epoca ThinkTank is a project management organization that leads cross-functional teams of professionals in the execution of small, medium and large- scale projects worldwide.Epoca manages the full cycle of a project, from inception, to funding, all the way through final execution with the support of a strong community of private and institutional partners.
The projects that we manage focus primarily on tech-research and documenting valuable inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences around the world.
* Epoca vows to critically and energetically investigate, and truthfully represent the state of our collective efforts to bring peace, prosperity and a regained balance to the world. We will always gather the brightest and most courageous minds to challenge the status quo and advance towards a future society where our highest ideals are made real.The future we strive for is one in which humans practice sustainable and fair exploitation of our natural resources, in which none will be safe or rest at ease until poverty, famine and injustice has been completely eradicated from the earth.

The areas of specialization are:
• Research and data collection

• Site inspections

• Vendor management

• Contracts and negotiations

• Hiring and managing teams of consultants

• Project management

• Video documentation

• Web site development

• Exhibition design and planning

• Project Selling
• Creative Consulting

Our calling:
We believe that the problems being faced in our time are complex and therefore demand complex and articulate solutions. The efforts of collaborative problem solving and the networked team approach is what we seek to encourage on each project.
The goal is to produce a synergy that includes stakeholders as well as field experts and academics around an issue, thereby taking on a project from a variety of viewpoints. The underlying assumption is that thinking outside the box has never been more crucial to finding creative and hitherto unimaginable breakthroughs to solve our current needs in the world.
We aim to foster innovative thinking, creativity and solid knowledge-based approaches that explore the known and the unthinkable. Because it takes the unthinkable to stretch beyond our reach.

The catalyst for change is essentially fueled by hope and sustained by practical knowledge of increasingly alternative and innovative views and practices. These solutions reside both in the knowledge and views developed by experts as with the ingenuity and passion delivered by citizens striving for a better and more just future.

Mikele Ferraro

  • Board Member and Managing director

MF has been directing documentary films and theater productions for the last 15 years, also working as Security Officer in Metropolitan Night Clubs, Private BodyGuard and two years Special Forces Military Service.
Most recently in 2009, he answered his calling to become a Social Entrepreneur by founding Epoca US with his partner Giovanni Cerrone in San Francisco. They began producing many international social projects and pioneered their way, applying the projects concretely using the large international network MF has been caring for since 1998. He resides part of the year in Europe and dedicates the rest of his time to traveling in Asia , America and Africa , gathering material and inspiration by visiting his own projects and companies, associations and corporations. His lifestyle can be described as that of a restless nomad in search of poetic and spiritual knowledge. Exploring the physical and spiritual world, MF is seeking to counterbalance our need for security and control with an open, altruistic and experimental approach, the strongest remedy against an anxious and fearful world. The aspiration is to move from a narcissistic and self-centered worldview to an open-minded, tolerant and compassionate one.

Giovanni Cerrone

Board Member and Business Developer