Epoca.US has been created to design  "Convivium project and to operate in Ethiopia"

Concept: Convivium is a network of professionals, based in Germany-Berlin, specialized in different area of expertise (education, medicine, engineering, philosophy, music, filmmaking).
We want to lend our professional services to improve the potential of the human capital in countries that struggle to find a suitable place for them in the society.

Following our first investigation (Jan 2011) we found Ethiopia and Addis Ababa a perfect site to start our experience. The city has a vaste human potential (100.000 kids live in the streets): people that properly educated and addressed could contribute in the future to the growth of their country and the the dialogue with foreing investors

CONVIVIUM Addis Ababa our boys

We selected 4 boys to participate at the project in Addis, in order to activate a pilot project for a bigger one

Carpenter and door specialist

Water pipelines builder

Electrician and open circuits designer

CONVIVIUM Addis Ababa Project

African kids learn real and old jobs to use in their own life.

We are creating a LEARNING CENTER in Addis ABABA 

The Proposal:

CONVIVIUM will start generating opportunities and collaborations in educational, social and cultural endeavors through the creation of learning centers in the territory, then initiate a constructive dialog with NGOs in Ethiopia with the scope of providing viable human resouce to the local business .
We will start with a 60 day Pilot Project that will test the feasibility of the project, its social and economic impact and future opportunities.
After this period we will produce a documentary that will show our findings and will serve to raise awareness toward a long term project.

CONVIVIUM in short:

1. Organization of a core multicultural and multidisciplinary team “ready to go”
2. Organization of the site “Church of S. Gabriel” in Addis Ababa to host successfully the pilot project.
3. Creation of work programs based on local resources (human and otherwise)
4. Development of a series of events aiming at creating awareness about our initiatives
5. Scouting for a physical location for a future long term presence in the territory

Long Term project:

The scope of the CONVIVIUM is twofold: it will introduce valuable knowledge to local Ethiopians through the exchange with the visiting teachers and organizations; and it will offer the opportunity to educators to find a challenging environment where to train their skills in a reality that calls for creative and adaptive problem solving skills.


The purpose is to establish a self-sufficient foundation with offices in Addis Ababa and in Germany.

The office in Germany will be dedicated to:

1. MediarelationswithEuropeandUS
2. Recruitmentandtrainingofpersonnelandvoluntaryworkers 3. Fundraising
4. GlobalcontactwithotherhumanitarianNGOs

The facility in ADDIS ABABA wil be dedicated to:
1. Recruitingstudents
2. Improvementandexpansionoftheexistingbuilding 3. Lessonsandlessonsplanning
4. LocalPRandMarketing
5. Networkingwithlocalinstitutions

Initial Phase: Basic set up

1 The development of courses in a variety of technical fields will be led by a team of volunteer staff of workers and professionals aimed at educating local people of all ages, at no cost to them.

2. To boost attendence and the community interactions meals will be served twice a day for students and teachers.

3. Concerts and entertainment events will be planned to improve the local participation to the life on CONVIVIUM

Second Phase: Development of the Learning Center

1 Create a series of workshops to familiarize students and teachers with the different aspects of Ethiopian Life and culture.

2 Organize language classes for the students and the staff members. The classes will be taught to improve English, Spanish and Amarik spoken and written.

3 Develop the staff ́s entrepreneurial skills like organization, fund raising, time management.

4 Massive attention to the media presence of our foundation on a local and international level through the production of a stable web presence, lectures and interviews and Filmed documentation available to our collaborators and supporters at all time.

5 The construction of additional buildings to expand the existing facilities (gym facility, dormitories, classrooms, etc.)

6 Following the idea of a self sufficient environment, the long term plans will include the construction of solar panels, water collection systems and the launch of an extensive recycling program.


OUR HEADQUARTER IS at the Mercato area in Addis Ababa



Passionately committed to protecting the future of African HERITAGE, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come


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